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SWARNA BHARAT PARIVAAR, TRUST, a voluntary organization that started in 2010 has been working towards the objective of recognizing these issues and fighting to end these problems that exist in society



Live your life on your own way and make the world beautifull...


Educating People

Brightening Lives Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world- Nelson Mandela There is no barrier to education; those who put barriers are uneducated- Peeyush Pandit The visionary, Peeyush Pandit had just one dream, no child should be deprived of education. He is working towards it day and night. He is safeguarding and promoting education and well-being of learners at all times of life, managing not only students but also their parents all with the aim of promoting and reinforcing a student’s independence and self-esteem. Peeyush Pandit always has the urge to give free education to all. His vision is, to take Education to Students and not Students to Education, which will lead to the betterment of society.

Peeyush Pandit concocts the World’s first Virtual Internship University during a pandemic, the International Internship University, the IIU. He is the Founder of IIU. We see around us and realize the importance of education in a developing society. It’s not easy to educate everyone but educating even one is better than none. It’s like an expandingchain, we educate someone, they educate others and the knowledge will be spreadwidely.

Swarna Bharat has launched some institutions for contributing towards knowledge:

International Internship University It is a university by Swarna Bharat Parivaar,
which focus on practical experience and knowledge along with theoretical education. Peeyush Pandit concocts the World’s first Virtual Internship University during a pandemic, the International Internship University, the IIU. He is the Co-Founder of IIU. International Internship University (IIU), is building a better and brighter future for all young learners and is committed to providing better and virtual education to all the young learners of the globe. International Internship University, is the first global virtual

university offering quality, accessible, and location-independent education around in all areas IIU is committed to providing exclusively free education to all the children and the youth of this world under this global hub. International Internship University (IIU) is metamorphosing the conventional education system, by cutting down the additional costs and providing access to more than 10,000 courses and Internships to their e-learners, across 195 countries and 6 continents, throughout the year with over 150 virtual offices around the world. IIU has been accredited and affiliated with the World Education Organization (WEO) and collaborated with all the World’s top Universities and educational institutions, through the platform of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) to promote internships and make modern education easy, accessible and affordable. Coming on its expertise, IIU provides Honorary degree, Master’s Degree, Graduate Degree, Certificate and Diploma Courses, Professional Education, Customized programs, Free Courses, Sustainable Development Goals Courses, Non-academic courses, Block-chain Technology Learning Lab and, many more. The entire curriculum of the IIU is based on the ethos of high academics. In the short span of 6 months, Peeyush Pandit has worked on Online Education in over 100+ countries. Thousands of students worldwide have approached for various courses with IIU. IIU has received many accreditations as per the international standards for its innovation, vision, creative ideas, research, papers publication, and national patents. Through his concerted efforts, Peeyush Pandit has made the education so facile through IIU that the child from any corner of the world, from any university or college, can avail it, as per their needs and comfort. According to him, the student can take admission and embark internship from the very first day. With this, the student studying online will get applied learning, experience, and exposure. He has tie-ups with over 500+ companies that offer paid internships to students of the IIU, which helps the students to get employment opportunities after completion of their studies. He has made the virtual platform available in such a manner that learners can get access to education from any council in a negligible amount. IIU provides the opportunity to connect with the faculty, the most proficient in their fields, and experience a curriculum that offers the best learning environment. IIU communities including faculty, staff, and students have earned admiration from the entire world.  One of the objectives of IIU is to amend employability and ensure that all students should fulfill their dreams by pursuing their desired careers. IIU is already amenable to provide education and employment to more than 5 million youth at minimum fees, in alliance with the corporate precinct and educational institutions of 195 countries of the globe. With jurisdiction of India’s project AICTE, Internship has set an object to make more than 20 lakh students self-reliant by 2025 by providing internships. IIU is for everyone. Whatever you covet to be, whatever you crave to do, whatever you yearn to study, without any financial stress. Despite various challenges and hurdles, Peeyush Pandit, with his dedication and hard work nabbed the Calamity as an Opportunity during the Pandemic Epoch and made Education Free, through IIU. His new venture International Internship University is reaching heights. His dedication and commitment to the field of education are commendable.

Miles Ahead: A school for specially-abled students. Our motive is to build a safe and comfortable environment for special students so that it would be easier for them to get knowledge and lead the society. 

SBPCSM: Swarna Bharat Parivaar Computer Saksharta Mission is an initiative by SBP to make people learn about digitalization and make them awarebout technology and development.

IYVRC: International Yoga & Vipassana Research Centre. This is a newly developed the project was inspired by the roots of Indian culture. This centre is developed for changing lives by the power of yoga. Learning how to maintain your mental peace is most worthy skill. With this institution, we are aiming towards mental health care.

Biography Of Politic Peeyush Pandit

Brightening Lives Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world- Nelson Mandela There is no barrier to education


Concocts the world’s first virtual University The International Internship University


Published Golden Book of Earth


Published the book The World in Lockdown


Volunteer Hero from the I-Volunteer Awards


GTF World Summit 2019, Bangkok


Awarded India’s Great Leader Award 2018,Awadh Samman Samaroh


Published the book Fill Me Up with the Virus of Love


Swarna Bharat Parivaar Trust was registered


Plan for of First metro village -The Indian-e-Village


Established Swarna Bharat Parivaar Trust


Help India Help foundation


Managing Director of Many Companies


Member of Geographic Network


Joined Youth Politics


Joined as a project manager with MMSS NGO DELHI


The new venture of Peeyush Group, which was founded in 1986 by a vision of Mr. D.P Shukla, that made phenomena progress after the entry of the legend


The legend was born

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