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SWARNA BHARAT PARIVAAR, TRUST, a voluntary organization that started in 2010 has been working towards the objective of recognizing these issues and fighting to end these problems that exist in society



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Peeyush Pandit

The right of Education to every Learner is dreamt by many Social Activists, but only a few are working towards the same cause. One of the most prominent ones amongst them is Peeyush Pandit, the multitalented and visionary personality.

The versatile, Peeyush Pandit is the founder of Swarna Bharat Parivar and Chairman of Peeyush Group. He is one of the most inspiring Social Activist in India. He has over two decades of experience as an Entrepreneur, NextGen Speaker and, passionate Writer. He runs an NGO that has rendered its services for the welfare of society.

He has received worldwide recognition for his efforts and contribution to the betterment of society. His multifaceted personality and his creative pursuits are evident from his work.

Peeyush Pandit says- A child should get an education to increase the fundamental knowledge that develops their social awareness, better decision-making skills, and increased work competency, thus making oneself a better citizen.

Peeyush Pandit concocts the World’s first Virtual Internship University during a pandemic, the International Internship University, the IIU. He is the Founder of IIU.

International Internship University (IIU), is building a better and brighter future for all young learners and is committed to providing better and virtual education to all the young learners of the globe. International Internship University, is the first global virtual university offering quality, accessible, and location-independent education in around in all areas

Peeyush Pandit’s vision is, to take Education to Students and not Students to Education, which will lead to the betterment of society.

The visionary, Peeyush Pandit had just one dream, no child should be deprived of education. People from low socio-economic backgrounds may not be able to provide education to their children, they may be unable to fulfill their basic need of food. Child labour is prohibited worldwide and it is the fundamental right of every child to get educated. To overcome the barriers in education, the government should deliberately offer free education to needy children, thus supporting children from underprivileged sections of the society, and then this would be the biggest hindrance to child labour.

Peeyush Pandit always has the vision to give free education to all. He says free education is significant because of its varied features as:

  • Guaranteed Education
  • Equal opportunities of Education
  • Better outlook on life 
  • Increased employment
  • Safe Life
  • Creates Equality
  • Promotes Fairness
  • Increased Density in the classroom
  • No Financial Stress
  • Access to Higher Education
  • Flexibility

He has a strong belief that the Golden Era of India will begin once again if we provide free education by equipping appropriate amenities of internship opportunities in the education sector.

International Internship University (IIU) is committed to provide exclusively free education to all the children and the youth of this world under this global hub.

International Internship University (IIU) is metamorphosing the conventional education system, by cutting down the additional costs and providing access to more than 10,000 courses and Internships to their e-learners, across 195 countries and 6 continents, throughout the year with over 150 virtual offices around the world.

Despite various challenges and hurdles, Peeyush Pandit, with his dedication and hard work nabbed the Calamity as an Opportunity during the Pandemic Epoch and made Education Free, through IIU. His new venture International Internship University is reaching heights. His dedication and commitment to the field of education are commendable.



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